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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Write to your MP ... NOW, please!

I've sent the following letter to my MPs, using, to draw their attention to the "Spartacus Report" which highlights that the Government broke the law in their eagerness to take money off sick people.

There are links to the report in the post below this. When you write, please customise your letter to suit your views and circumstances. There's only a couple of days left - make them count!

I am sure you've heard of the "Spartacus Report" (the Responsible Reform document) compiled by a group of severely disabled Britons in response to the Welfare Reform Bill.

The report demonstrates that the coalition Government's “official consultation” was poorly executed, taking 2 weeks less than the legal requirement, and was not even completed before the Welfare Bill was presented to Parliament.

Further, the consultation respondents were almost unanimous in their response to some points, and that:-

74% of respondents were against the proposals but open to discussion;
19% had mixed views, agreeing with parts of the proposal;
Only 7% supported them fully.

Several points were raised by many respondents, including that the government’s motivation in proposing these reforms was perceived to be a saving of 20% from disability benefits. When the overall fraud rate of DLA is estimated at 0.5%, surely it is clear that this will cut benefits from those who need it.

The 'Spartacus' report shows clearly that the Government deliberately ignored the findings of its own consultation, cynically used the Christmas holiday period to force a Bill through illegally, and aims to wrest support away from those who need it most - at a rate of 1 in 5 vulnerable people.

Since [ my area ] is home to a slightly above-average level of disabled residents, these moves will impact terribly on existing services and strangle economic activity in the towns.  [ Please write something about your own constituency instead ]

Moreover, it's not the first time this Government has failed to honour its legal obligations: I remind you of last year's disregard for equal opportunities, which the Government admitted when challenged by the Fawcett Society - and then ignored.

I urge you, as my representative, to challenge the Coalition at every cavalier turn and to stop the Welfare Reform Bill until it has been competently reviewed.

There's a Write To Them box in the sidebar, just to the right of this post. Just put your postcode in and will do the rest.

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  1. My 'main' MP replied swiftly ... with an impassioned defence of the NHS reforms. I'll suggest he gets his ears checked. (He's Labour, like that makes a difference.)


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