The fabric of Britain as we know it is being ripped apart. So much is changing, almost behind our backs, we haven't got time to notice what is happening to us. And it is happening fast.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The last day of welfare reform @UKHouseOfLords

Today's debates cover scrapping the Social Care Fund Read here about why it will cause Britain's poorest people to spiral into debt or here about people who have used the social fund in the past and how they spent the money.

As well as the changes from CSA to CMEC find out about how this will lead to LESS absent parents paying their fair share and why #frothers support Gingerbread's campaign to have this stopped.

Keep up to date

Via the House of Lords today, at their live video stream. Or if you'd like an important bits as-it-happens text version you can follow at the Guradian's live welfare reform bill blog

According to the live blog, the key votes today are likely to take place around 5.30pm (the one on the social fund) and 6.45pm (the one on the Child Support Agency).

Keep up the pressure

Keep tweeting, hashtags #frothers #wrb.

Remember many MPs and Lords have twitter accounts, and you can tweet the House of Lords directly @UKHouseOfLords

Lord Mackay has tabled an amendment for CMEC charges to be waved for parents who no choice but to use the service, let the House of Lords know you expect them to vote this through, as well as to save the Social Fund.

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