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Friday, 6 January 2012

Were Two Activists Suspended on Twitter for Offending A Tory?

Two of our Frother activists were suspended earlier today from the social networking website, Twitter. @frothingangry @headlesslamarr

They have not yet been informed why Twitter has taken the very unusual decision to suspend their accounts, but we can only presume that it was because of this tweet (it is the only tweet that they can think may have been responsible).

Councillor Coleman: Benefit scrounger, Social Housing abuser, Tory bigwig #frothers

and a link to this blog post about said Councillor Coleman.

Ok, perhaps benefit scrounger is too strongly worded since he is not, strictly speaking in receipt of benefits (that we know of), but the rest?

Is that truly worth suspending an account over?

Remember a few weeks ago, Stan Collymore tweeted about the racist tweets that he received. Not one but many. Have a look at that top tweet - he is still on Twitter.

So it is ok to call a footballer a "n**ger" but not ok to call a Councillor a "benefit scrounger".

Not to mention the misogynistic bile that spills from 50cent's twitter feed.

And where in this Twitter outrage does Diane Abbott's tweet fit in?

It is a strange world.

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  1. If you get banned from Twitter for insulting Brian Coleman, then the bannings department in Twitter will be rather busy

    Rog T -


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