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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Councillor Brian Coleman, a sensitive chap.

Bless him. He seems to have had a tweet removed and our accounts suspended. Here's my letter to Twitter Support:.

I tweeted the following about a London Councillor: "@frothingangry: Too Many Cuts:… Councillor Coleman: Benefit scrounger, Social Housing abuser, Tory bigwig. #frothers".

This was a follow-up to our blog story about Clr Coleman here: 

While "benefits" is used in the UK to mean "welfare", the man has certainly milked the benefits of his position, as documented here: , ,, ,
and in many other places.

"Social Housing abuse" is something he and his party feel very strongly about - they are trying to reduce the already woeful social housing provision in Britain and, as reported in my links above, Clr Coleman told a single mother to "Live in the real world" after she sought his help over an extortionate rent increase.
Councillor Coleman lives in Social Housing. *[see below]

Some clue as to his sensitivity over tweets might lie in this clip: where he argues for stricter controls on Internet material, replying to the reporter's question about the human right of expression with "Human rights my backside!"

Hopefully this explains why I think my tweet about Councillor Coleman was justified and my suspension unreasonable. The tweet was not mass-circulated, only put out the once as a link to our blog.

Please will you lift the suspension on my account and that of @HeadlessLamarr?

Froth Ing

Anybody still interested in Councillor Coleman might enjoy this article from the London Evening Standard (especially the comments!) as well as my links above.

*correction: My use of the term Social Housing is inaccurate. Mr. Coleman's home is a church charity property,  which enjoys a 50% rent subsidy.
Thanks to Mrs Angry for pointing this out.

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  1. I've sent both this and MmeLindor's post to Twitter.

  2. methinks Mr Coleman doth protest tooooooo much

  3. Maybe you should both make data subject access requests to Twitter for the information about you? I'd happily pay the £10 or whatever to see what turns up...

    I'm very disappointed in Twitter's non-response to date.

  4. Blimey, Sarah, thanks! Let's give them a while, eh? It's the weekend and they have a whole world's worth of complaints to deal with. Meanwhile, a third Frother has hit the Twitter dust. Something's up.

  5. It's so odd about the third suspension. Did frother number 3 also RT the same tweet? Or ... what? Very peculiar. Following with interest.

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel oddly tempted to RT it again, just to see what happens? (I'm not going to, but it's a bit like a big red button with DO NOT PUSH written above)

  6. I think we should all retweet. Surely they can't suspend all our accounts... I for one don't even tweet that much political stuff. But this has got me SO ANGRY!!!

    Mass retweet FTW.

  7. it seems to me monstrously unfair to suspend your twitter comments. Mrs Angry is right about the inaccuracy - details ate on a public register - the electornic rent register and the rest of the stuff is in the public domain - and Mr Coleman has to make his expense claims public by law. It seems to me a ham fisted attempt at censorship by a man who doesn't want the public to know too much


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