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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Civil Disobedience, Anyone?

An huge amount of modern protest is about writing letters and emails, and informing uninformed.

However, there is still a place for a good old fashioned picket or act of civil disobedience - it makes headlines and if #frothers came together to do anything it was to make sure people knew what was going on to the welfare state we're so proud of.

Feeling fiesty?

Message from the Invisible wants you in central London for an active protest:

On Saturday 28th January in central London, a group of disabled, sick and elderly people are going to engage in a daring and disruptive act of civil disobedience, and they’ve asked for our support.

Read more about the details (including accessibility information) here

Got big ideas?

Or if you think you've got the answer to reforming the welfare state in a more fair way, it's your last chance to sign up for Benefits Camp which happens on the 3rd of February you can either attend in person or online, places are still available and a representative of the Department of Work and Pensions who worked on the Welfare Reform Bill.

Need a reminder why?

Read the analysis of the effects of PIP on disabled people based on the Department of Work and Pensions own documents and examples.

Need a summary? If you lose your leg you probably STILL won't qualify for a mobility car.


That's what I said.

We still need your letters and emails...

This time we need you to focus on MPs - the final reading of the welfare reform bill is in the House of Lords on 31st January, then returns to the House of Commons the very next day - February 1st.

Let your MP now you support the changes to the welfare reform bill and why, as well as that they need to vote it through to keep your support. Write To Them

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