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Monday, 9 January 2012

The Government Didn't Inhale DLA ... And Other Lies

When the government proposed to changed the benefit system, from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment, a consultation period was begun.
The government itself has a code of practice for consultations, that it has quite clearly broken. It was two weeks shorter than recommended and took place over the Christmas holidays of 2010/2011. It was also not completed by the time the Welfare Bill was presented to Parliament, so it is clear that it was not taken fully into account.
This was not simply asking a bunch of people, this was a consultation based on the answers from 523 groups – local authorities, national charities, legal groups, user led organisations, health care professionals and businesses.
The government claims that the proposed changes to DLA to PIP has the support of a wide range of the public, and that they have consulted disability campaigners and charities.
It is a bit reminiscent of the old, “I did not inhale” excuse.
We consulted, but we did not listen.

Bloggers and Activists did listen, and they have released their report - The Spartacus Report, funded by donations and written by disabled activists and bloggers. 
Read more of my thoughts on this issue on SaltandCaramel or follow the story on Twitter by searching for #spartacusreport

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  1. The people who did this report are truly amazing: let's hope the BBC and Sky actually cover it!


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