The fabric of Britain as we know it is being ripped apart. So much is changing, almost behind our backs, we haven't got time to notice what is happening to us. And it is happening fast.



Petition to Abolish Work for your Benefit/Workfare Schemes in the UK
Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions
People selling their labour should be fairly remunerated for their work at the normal level paid for the tasks they perform and treated in the same way as a standard employee with full rights and representation if requested.
These are the basic rights of any worker in a modern democratic society. Workfare is effectively forced labour and is therefore illegal in the UK.

Sign here:

Disability and Carers

URGENT Every Disabled Child Matters is asking you to email the PM to stop changes to the tax credit system which will leave families with disabled children 50% worse off! This bill is in parliment right now so please, please click on the link to email (and then click on the confirmation email that will be sent to your email address by no10) - it's really easy and could make a huge difference!

Pats Petition Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately ondisabled people, their carers and families.

All we want for Christmas is a fair benefits system At Mind's facebook page.

A month of festive action against ATOS and Benefits cuts supporting Pat's petition and active protests.

Macmillan's Campaign To stop stressful benefits checks on patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Petition to save Remploy - a factory specialising in employing those with disabilities. It needs government subsidies to survive, but these subsidies cost the government less than it would pay in benefits if these workers loose their jobs.

Legal Aid

Join 38 degrees petitioning the House of Lords to amend changes to legal aid rules which leave vulnerable people unable to fight their corner when things go wrong.


Petition to stop trebling of student fees at the Open University

Industrial-scale Tax Dodgers

The real benefit cheats are those who profit from taxpayers' money, then refuse to pay their share in tax. Thanks to UK Uncut's audacious action, these have now been revealed but our government still expresses "full confidence" in HMRC tax office, which let billionaire companies off more than £25bn in tax. 38 Degrees has a form to register your complaint with HMRC.


Boycott Workfare has detailed campaign information at their website.


The Empty Homes Charity has advice and ideas on how you can help, from reporting empty homes to bringing an empty property you own back to life. The BBC also has information on how to find out who owns empty homes in your area.

Channel 4s Empty Homes Campaign There are 2 million homeless families in Britain and 1 million empty homes, sign to support bringing the two together.

Shelter runs a campaign about changes in law which will mean the loss of free legal advice, a right to a stable and secure home and rules which aim to rellocate individuals close to where they were living previously,

Fuel Poverty

AgeUK need your help to lobby MPs and help prevent winter deaths. Also Saga collect donations to help poor elderly people in need of more fuel over the winter

Macmillan are also campaigning to have cancer patients added to the list of those who recieve winter fuel payments.

Energy Bills 

Ofgem (energy industry regulator) has launched a consultation on new rules for energy companies.If we work together we can push for a ban on confusing energy tariffs and make it easier for everyone to get a better price for gas and electric. Petition here at 38 Degrees.


Save our NHS petition at 38 degrees.

Single Parents

Gingerbread are campaigning against the proposed CSA changes which will penalise single parents and their children.

Sure Start

Save our Sure Start petition this link will take you to a Labour party petition.

No cuts for kids is also campaigning to save Sure Start.


Use this Women and the Cuts Toolkit developed by TUC and Coventry Women's Voices to find out the direct effect of the cuts on YOUR local area. Great information to help you write to your MP and back up your frothy rage!


Government to allow and support a Motion of Confidence in David Cameron. Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons.
Following the revelations in regard to the Phone Hacking Scandal and Prime Minister David Cameron’s repeated refusal to answer direct questions relating to the appointment of Andy Coulson, we the undersigned no longer have any confidence in the decision making of the Prime Minister. We therefore demand that the Government allow, support and encourage a debate which leads to a Motion of Confidence being undertaken to determine whether the Prime Minister still retains the confidence of the House or whether they believe, as we do, that he should be replaced for the good of the country.

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Don't Forget...

You can always contact your MP by email here - or find their address here many MPs promise to respond to all letters posted to them.

If you feel like your MP is letting you down, read all about running as an independent MP it can be done!

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  1. Just been made redundant after 12 years working in the NHS. I now receive tax free redundancy settlement. As a result, UK taxpayers, the Treasury, society, my local community and little old me all lose out. What sense do Osborne's policies make?