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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Who Are The Frothers?

When the Conservatives came to power last year, the only slight consolation was that there was a feeling amongst Labour voters that the party would be swept through. Out with the old, in with the new. New personalities, new policies, new ideas, a new beginning.
Since then, the Tories have cut swathes through the heart of Britain. Slicing into the NHS, tax credits, benefits, Sure Start, DLA...
With little or no opposition from the Labour opposition. Have they gone to sleep?
Has anyone else noticed the absence of any kind of positive movement from the opposition?
I don't mean the normal, "We oppose the cuts, we oppose the ConDem policies", but constructive, hard hitting criticism.
Why do the parties on the left of the political spectrum lose the propaganda war?
It is something that I have noticed, not just in UK politics, but in other countries too. The conservative parties are great with sound bites.
Lazy benefits scroungers should be forced to work
Criminal Immigrants should be deported
No to a European Superstate
Where is the strong rebuttal of these statements? Why is the left so silent?
When the Government announce one of their crazy schemes such as the Youth Unemployment one, I want to see the leader of the opposition on TV, stating in clear and strong words what exactly is wrong with the scheme, and most importantly what Labour would do differently.
Ed Miliband stated today, on Mumsnet webchat
We have set out an alternative for now: Labour's five point plan for jobs and growth. Cut VAT, a bonus tax to help the young unemployed, bring forward investment in infrastructure, cut vat on home repairs, and provide a national insurance holiday for all small firms.
He went on to say:
Our bankers' bonus tax would be used to fund 100,000 jobs for young people and build 25,000 more affordable homes. That's a good policy - in contrast to what this government is doing in giving the banks a tax cut this year while piling on the bills for everyone else.
I want to know exactly what he means by that. How would they fund 100,000 jobs for young people - because the present plan is useless. How would they fund 25,000 more affordable homes?
Not wishy washy sound bites. Clear and concise information about his party's alternative solutions to the slash and burn ConDem nightmare.
The Labour leadership's reaction to the nationwide strike yesterday was pretty appalling. If you cannot get the Labour party behind you when protesting against Conservative / Lib Dem cuts, when can you expect support?
I am not alone in my frustration. There are blogs and activists galore at the moment, but they are swimming, aimless and leaderless. We need a strong oppositional figure to raise behind and support.
This week one of those disenchanted voters wrote on Mumsnet:
I'm not quite a frothing berserker but I am getting rather cross with our government messing with the good stuff.
Just off the top of my head:
  • * Student fees
  • * Public sector workers terms and conditions (otherwise known as moving the goal posts after the match has started) * Women (Report on Fawcett legal challenge result here)
  • * Sure Start
  • * NHS
  • * Erosion of employment rights
  • * Removal of EMA
  • * Removal of universal child benefit
  • * Unfair changes to DLA<
  • * Unfair changes to ESA assessment
I am getting more and more fed up that these decisions are being made to take away some of the things we should be most proud of and that took years to be achieved.
This thread is a safe haven for some ranting as I know some of us are feeling sick and tired of it all.
Within a few days the thread had over 700 posts and a blog was being set up in which the self-proclaimed #frothers could get worked up and rant.
Ranting is only satisfying for a little while, at some point the posters felt that something more was needed.
And so a blog was born.
A blog that shall be used by various posters to share their experiences, their advice, their ideas. Where we can shout out about injustices, where we can direct those who oppose these unfair cuts how best to protest against them.
The posters used the #frothers hashtag as a nod to the "frothing beserkers" of the thread title and it kind of stuck.
Go and have a look. Join us in frothing. Use the #frothers and share on Twitter and Facebook if you like what we write.
By the way, Ed Miliband was pointed in the direction of the #frother thread
We are the frothers Ed
you can join us here
We're not political. We've just had enough.
#frothers is our hashtag. Because we are getting organised...
Ed's reply:
I am not surprised you are angry about it. I support the campaign against what is happening. #frothers
******************* EDIT ***********************
Here is an example of what I mean.
Ed Miliband was asked on Mumsnet about Housing Benefit cuts:
lubeybaublely: Dear Mr Miliband<
I would like to know what your thoughts are on housing and the coalitions 'social cleansing' policy. Namely the capping of housing benefit to levels that force the working poor (and all poor) to move away from the jobs they have and areas where they and their children have been settled all their lives, or be poverty stricken in order to meet the shortfall between benefit and rent.
With a lack of Affordable Local Authority and Housing Association properties and also NO regulation on what private landlords charge, it puts people in an impossible, unfair and unworkable situation. What can Labour do to oppose or change this, or what would Labour do if back in government about these issues? <
Sincerely LB #frothers
Ed's answer was:

I'm in favour of reform to Housing Benefit but I think the Government is going about it in the wrong way, cutting too far and too fast with counter-productive consequences. Even before the cap is introduced, we're seeing people forced to leave their homes and go on the homeless list - and that may end up costing the taxpayer more in the long term. And yes, I agree, there should be better regulation of private sector landlords.
This was just tweeted by the Conservatives Press Twitter account:
#EdMiliband on #mumsnet said he OPPOSED #coalition cap on housing benefit at £400/wk & wants up to £2,000/wk kept. #Labour don't get it

So that will be the sound bite then? Misquoted, completely twisted and often repeated in pubs throughout the land.

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  1. Great post, MmeLindor. I can't believe the Tory blatant LIE twisting Ed's words. I hope we can do more to get the true word out. I hope Ed does too, we need it.

  2. A quick reminder to people that you can use to easily find & email their MP :)



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