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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bureaucratic nonsense (waste of money)

Yesterday I got two bizarre letters from the DWP about how I must choose between working (signing off benefits) and reducing my permitted work to less than £20-worth a week.

Considering that I made a £1,900 loss on my work last year - and that they based their decision on my declared earnings for 2007-2008, which were zero and I wasn't even receiving any benefits - this is getting more Kafka-esque by the week.

Last month the JobCentrePlus invited me in for a discussion about my permitted work. I told them about the year's £1900 loss and that I'd been too unwell to work at all from April to October this year. These letters are the results of that interview.

How can I refute an assertion that is based on made-up information?

Can anybody suggest how this process is intended to help me (and people like me) back to self-employment?

Even more crucially, HOW the hell would someone, who is as sick as I was in 2007, be supposed to deal with such accusatory bollocks??

I am at a loss to understand how any of this even aids the national economy, let alone supports people back to work.
It clearly un-supports those trying to forge their way in an enterprise economy, against the barriers of ill health. Yet, simultaneously,  refuses to assist people who need assistance.

What can I do?

Please use the Write To Them box to the right of this page; hassle your MPs and other representatives for more compassion AND logic to the UK's support system.

The Ministers for the DWP are:

Also see our Petitions page. There's a vote of confidence (ahem) in David Cameron's administration. Petitions of this nature need a lot of signatures in order to carry weight.

Remember - they work for us! Make them get some common sense.

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